Leverage More and Diversified Options for Financing

This is a unique time for innovation and sustainability. Organisations in all fields have access to an unprecedented amount and variety of funding options for changing their operations to more sustainable and competitive approaches. With experience raising in excess of $200M for these types of transitions our team can guide your organisation down the most capital efficient path to implement these changes. Ask us how.


Hawaii Gets $30M From Navy To Fund Clean Tech Startups

Hawaii may be small in size, but its high energy costs have made the island state a desirable market for green tech. That explains why the U.S. Navy is giving a startup accelerator program there $30 million to help fund companies willing to use Hawaii to commercialize their technologies.

Corporate Investors and the Shift in Cleantech VC

Corporations are aggressively moving into greentech to deploy VC-backed innovation. “Of the $2.6 billion of cleantech venture capital investment in 2012 in California, $1.45 billion included corporate investors,” according to Cleantech Investment: A Decade of California’s Evolving Portfolio, a survey of California greentech investing between 2003 and 2013 from Next 10, an independent California greentech advocate. That corporate portion was 56 percent of 2012 VC investment.

BC’s Carbon Tax Shift After Five Years

British Columbia’s pioneering carbon tax shift, passed in 2008, has been remarkably effective in reducing fuel use, with no apparent adverse impact on the province’s economy. These findings come from a new study by Sustainable Prosperity researchers to be published in the upcoming issue of Canadian Public Policy, a highly respected academic journal.

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