Summary: Canadian firm CROSSTAFF SOLUTIONS and WIPO GREEN, a program of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, have recently entered into a strategic partnership to make green technologies more accessible to Canadian organisations seeking to survive and compete in an environment of resource scarcity, increased competition and growing intolerance for environmental degradation.

Ottawa, ON Canada December 3, 2014. Many producers of goods and services across Canada face an unsettling fact – the technologies on which their operations rely were built for a reality that no longer exists. Increased competition for resources, shrinking operating budgets and profit margins and demands for greater environmental stewardship from regulators and the public are forcing organisations in all sectors to seek technologies that enable them to do more with less and lower their environmental impact. CROSSTAFF SOLUTIONS, a Canadian firm specialising in enabling green technology adoption has become the first Canadian partner of WIPO GREEN, an interactive marketplace established by the Geneva based World Intellectual Property Organisation that promotes innovation and diffusion of green technologies by connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions.

The challenge that most organisations face is that although they know that their path is unsustainable or not competitive from an environmental, operational or business perspective, they typically do not have the resources or experience to find and effectively integrate the green technology solutions available to them. CROSSTAFF SOLUTIONS was created to enable these organisations to meet their business or operational objectives through strategically assembling and managing the resources necessary to put the correct green innovation for their needs to work. The WIPO GREEN platform is a new and rapidly growing global database and network of such resources across the green technology innovation value chain. A partnership between these two entities was natural. Marc McArthur, founder of CROSSTAFF SOLUTIONS explains:

“Most people are unaware of the hundreds of organizations, thousands of people and billions of dollars dedicated to enabling the transition to a more sustainable society, including effective green technology solutions for every sector. When correctly sourced and managed, these resources can be channeled to solve a variety of business and operational challenges or unlock new opportunities and markets. We help our clients successfully tap into these resources and WIPO GREEN expands the range of potential green technology solutions and opportunities available to our clients and all participants on the platform. We are proud to be a part of the WIPO GREEN network and the first Canadian partner alongside Siemens, the Asian Development Bank and other prestigious institutions.”

According to the Global Footprint Network it will take 1.5 earths to support the current rate of global resource consumption, 2 earths by 2030. This is what is driving CROSSTAFF SOLUTIONS and its partners like WIPO GREEN to remove the barriers to adoption of green technologies that can decelerate and reverse these and other unsustainable trends.



Crosstaff enables its clients to meet their business and operational objectives through the use of technologies that increase resource efficiency and reduce negative environmental impacts. It achieves this through the expert, rapid and strategic assembly and management of the resources required to do so.

To learn more about how CROSSTAFF SOLUTIONS is charting a new course for performance and sustainability, contact Marc McArthur at 888-735-6604 or visit our website at



WIPO GREEN is an interactive marketplace that promotes innovation and diffusion of green technologies by connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions. WIPO GREEN’s objective is to become a go-to platform for green technologies, which it is on the way to achieving thanks to its growing network of partners and innovative collaborations with major global technology databases.


Technically Elegant – I read a piece today about General Fusion in BC. A company that is developing technology to produce clean energy by making little stars here on earth in their fusion reactor. The technology works by injecting plasma into a sphere filled with molten lead-lithium before an array of pistons drives a pressure wave into the centre of mixture that creates fusion conditions where atoms fuse together and release a lot of energy (and no long-lived radioactive waste) in the process. My technical side gets really excited about what this company is doing, the equipment and engineering drawings look like they’re taken out of the latest Iron Man movie. That’s important at this stage as it attracts and inspires some of the best and the brightest technical minds to solve a big but beautiful problem with equipment that just looks cool. There’s an embedded lesson here about people (and really the business of getting clean technologies like this to market is largely about people) that technology entrepreneurs should consider as they plot their path forward – as much as the content of what your technology does matters the packaging always matters as well.  If what you’re pitching is a Tesla Model S don’t neglect to recognise and leverage the emotional response that the smooth curves generate in your audience. If you have a new way to treat sewage waste…well I’m sure you (literally) get the picture and that’s my point.


Once the techno-euphoria has passed my rational, company-and-market-building side takes over and I have sobering thoughts about the technical, regulatory, market and other challenges that lie ahead for General Fusion from something as simple as not wanting to be the technician on night duty when part of the system fails  to the potentially long and difficult PR campaign of explaining to the public why this can’t create a black hole that will swallow the planet. I know there are tough challenges to come (we help solve them all the time for projects and companies in this sector) but hats off to the General Fusion team for such a technically elegant start to solving a truly out of the box problem.

Ugly Duckling Technologies – How many people know or care about where their electricity or water comes from or where the waste they generate goes? As new, more sustainable technological solutions for managing our society’s inputs and outputs get developed in direct response to the ever increasing challenges of resource uncertainties, environmental stewardship and plain old economic competition how aware is the general public of what it takes provide these services as all seven billion of us cling to this little planet trying to extract more of what it has (or doesn’t have depending on how you look at it) to offer?

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