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We aim to continually demonstrate through the effective application of ingenuity, creativity and teamwork—and most particularly through the achievements of our clients—that operational excellence and business success can thrive in this new era of increased competition, resource scarcity and environmental stewardship.


We enable our clients to meet their business and operational objectives, pass environmental scrutiny, and improve their public image by adopting sustainable technologies that reduce their environmental impact and / or dependence on ever-scarcer (and increasingly costly) resources. We achieve this through the expert, rapid and strategic implementation of customized business solutions for each individual client.

What we do

Crosstaff Solutions implements systematic and synergistic processes through which our clients may realise their business and operational objectives via sustainable technologies.

Why we do what we do

Crosstaff Solutions and our partners realise that for many organisations, performance, effectiveness and profitability are paramount. We also realise that our economy must shift to more sustainable ways of providing the goods and services society needs to function. There are a multitude of sustainable technology solutions for every industry sector where these two values intersect. We do what we do to make sure that in achieving their business or operational objectives, leading companies, programs and communities of the future are not built on the same unsustainable approaches that have led us to where we find ourselves today, in a world of diminishing resources and increasingly severe environmental constraints.

Who we do it for

Any organisation that needs to do more with less, or desires to reduce its environmental impact, will benefit from partnering with Crosstaff Solutions, including municipalities, developers, manufacturers, government agencies, project managers, utilities, facility owners and technology companies.



Crosstaff Solutions is led by Marc McArthur, a strategist, project development and relationship management expert in the business of clean technology and sustainability. Over the past six years, Mr. McArthur has helped hundreds of companies, researchers, government agencies and other stakeholders connect strategically both publicly and behind the scenes to advance the commercialisation and deployment of clean technologies. Mr. McArthur understands a wide variety of stakeholders in this arena, as his role in economic development in Ottawa, Canada placed him at the crossroads of industry, government, research and society, giving him rare access and insight into the drivers behind decision-making in each of these communities and, more significantly, the opportunity to network, convene and inspire them to achieve great things together.

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